Analogman Large 3 Knob Compressor 效果器
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Analogman Large 3 Knob Compressor 效果器

編號 Analogman Large 3 Knob Compressor 效果器

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  1. 100% ross specs with hand tested, selected transistors and NOS CA3080E chip.
  2. Standard external attack knob on large comprossor 4/05
  3. Optional external attack knob on small comprossor 5/03
  4. Attack knob has a detent at 12:00 which is the standard Ross/ Dynacomp attack setting.
  5. True Bypass with 3PDT switch
  6. LED with metal bezel
  7. Power jack standard, no extra charge. You can plug a Boss style 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel 9V DC adaptor into this jack.
  8. UK made RE'AN jacks for best noise isolation and operation. They are more expensive than the metal Mexican Switchcraft jacks that others use, but the benefits outweigh the cost.
  9. Expensive high quality Matsushita/Panasonic capacitors.
  10. Easily repaired if damaged- no custom parts like a mass-produced pedal.
  11. Built in a grey hammer-finish powdercoated box (4" x 5" x 2.25") as seen at the right, with silkscreened graphics, or optionally in the smaller box (2.5" x 4.75" x 1.5" not including jacks, switch, etc) as seen below with hand stamped graphics.
Analogman Large 3 Knob Compressor 效果器
Analogman Large 3 Knob Compressor 效果器





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