MAPEX P1000 Falcon 大鼓踏板
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MAPEX P1000 Falcon 大鼓踏板

MAPEX P1000 Falcon 大鼓踏板

編號 MAPEX P1000 Falcon 大鼓踏板

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The Falcon's exclusive hollow inox steel drive shaft offers the utmost in strength without adding unwanted drag or excess weight. This increases the smooth operation of the pedal and gives Falcon a sensationally smooth feel. By allowing the torque-free spring mechanism to move independently the Falcons stroke and recoil motions are exceptionally smooth and feel more natural to the foot.


"Every feature and adjustment has been engineered to make Falcon feel as if it's an extension of your foot," said Joe Hibbs, R and D Manager at Mapex USA. Every artist that has tested this pedal has been able to fine tune it to their liking within minutes - right out of the box. Falcon is a pedal for the people. This is a pedal that can satisfy virtually every drummer."


Because the Falcons footprint is more compact than other bass drum pedals, its easy to comfortably position between the hi-hat and snare stands. The Falcons easy-to-reach, resistance-free Talon clamp adjustment can be tightened with one hand from a seated position, making set-up quick and easy, even in the tightest spaces.


The Falcons patented Talon bass drum hoop clamp features locking claws that move independently from the pedal frame. Even if the bass drum is pitched at a severe angle, the pedal remains flat to the floor and securely clamped to the drum for the utmost comfort and security


The Falcon is equipped with interchangeable cams to suit each player's individual style. The 'Glide' cam offers an equal amount of inertia from the beginning to the end of the stroke, while the 'Pursuit' cam is recommended for increased power and maximum impact. The reversible beater head comes with interchangeable 10 gram and 20 gram inserts. By choosing one of these weights (or playing without any additional weight at all) the player can choose the desired degree of centrifugal force.


The Falcons footboard design provides the feel of a longer board without the additional weight and mass. A lighter footboard provides greater control with less fatigue and its uniquely sculpted profile allows the players to position his foot at any angle and operate the pedal with minimal expended energy, making even the most intricate patterns seem effortless.


The footboard angle and beater angle are independently adjustable, enabling the player to fine-tune the ideal combination of playing comfort and force of stroke. The footboard and heel plate are hinged using an exclusive sealed bearing mechanism that offers zero resistance and secure operation with no lateral movement.




  • Sculpted 'longboard' pedal plate design for the ultimate in playing comfort and control
  • Optional beater weights
  • Offset beater cams for perfect playing head positioning on double pedals
  • 'Pursuit' and 'Glide' cam options supplied with all pedals
  • Unique 'Sealed Bearing' mechanism on pedal / heal hinge for zero resistance and lateral board movement
  • Supplied with Gigbag
MAPEX P1000 Falcon 大鼓踏板
MAPEX P1000 Falcon 大鼓踏板
MAPEX P1000 Falcon 大鼓踏板







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