ZVEX Fuzzolo 效果器
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ZVEX Fuzzolo 效果器

編號 ZVEX Fuzzolo 效果器

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ZVEX 一直以來就不照牌理出牌. 總是可以創造出獨特的聲音效果讓人驚豔. 



Fuzzolo 的威力遠比他的外表來的大. 簡單的兩顆旋鈕卻可以搭配創造出各種不同的聲音效果.

A Little Rolling Thunder
The Fuzzolo’s microscopic size did not deter ZVEX from indulging their customary flair

for the visual. And though the pedal isn’t even 1.5" wide and barely 3.5" long, ZVEX still

managed to cram a raging, snorting buffalo, and the flames of some fuzz-driven prairie

fire onto a fire engine red enclosure that shows up bold and bright on an overflowing

pedalboard. There’s a knob for volume level. But the second knob, which on most 2-knob

fuzzes would be a gain control, is a pulse width control that changes the waveform from

a square wave to a wave with narrow peaks and wide valleys. The fractured sounds

from this control are the key the Fuzzolo’s brutish-to-curious sonic range.

ZVEX Fuzzolo 效果器





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